We can provide any UK make or model, but we appreciate that being so spoilt for choice can make it difficult for you to decide what company car lease is the best choice for your business.
Do you need a van? Do you need a pickup? Have you considered a convertible? What about an SUV? Are you looking for a luxurious vehicle or simply the cheapest company car? These, along with company car tax and insurance are just a few of the many questions and factors to think about when choosing a company vehicle.
Best Type of Company Car
First things first, what are you planning on using the vehicle for? Trace back to the moment you realised you needed a company car and ask yourself why.
If, for example, you need to deliver stock all across the UK, depending on the size and quantity of what you’re shipping, you’ll probably need a commercial vehicle, or a pickup at the very least.

As larger vehicles, these are ideal in terms of storage capacity, therefore maximising the efficiency and productivity of your delivery service. While a pickup truck tends to offer more seating and tech, as well as a cheaper company car tax band, vans tend to be more popular with courier and construction industries due to their superior cargo space.
Don’t need to deliver goods but still need to travel many miles in your company car? This is where a smaller, reliable hatchback such as a Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Golf becomes the best company car. Key things to research in order to get the best value company car are fuel efficiency and reliability.
With car technology and driver technology improving every day, the good thing is that there is no longer a need to compromise between comfort and size.
Choose a Company Car that Looks the Part
The next thing to consider is your company image. While we can ensure your vehicle matches your branding and boosts awareness by adding your logo, phone number and slogan, it’s important that the vehicle itself represents the values of your business.

For example, if your business prides itself on being green and environmentally friendly, you may want to consider an electric or hybrid company car. This would send out a great message to your current and potential customers and further their connection with your company.
Alternatively, if your business positions itself among the premium brands within your industry, you might want to consider reflecting this on the roads with a luxurious company car such as a Jaguar or BMW.
However, you may prefer a more ‘middle-of-the-road’ vehicle so as not to deter or potentially upset clients, who may feel ‘upstaged’ if your aim is to put yourself into their shoes. For example, if you’re job involves you helping out start-up businesses or those struggling with funding and you turn up in a brand new, luxurious convertible, it may send out the wrong message.
Best Value Company Car
While our lease agreements take care of maintenance and road tax, insurance and fuel are two things you will have to handle when it comes to company car costs. As we’ve previously mentioned, fuel efficiency is certainly something to consider, but you may also want to research how much your company car insurance will cost. This of course depends on the driver(s).

This, in addition to using a company car tax calculator, can be a great way to narrow down your options, especially if you’re relying on one of your younger staff members driving the company car.
As you’ll probably remember from your first few years of driving, getting insured can be very pricey for young adults, and some providers will actually refuse insurance on specific models. It may not be wise to lease a brand-new Land Rover for a 19-year-old intern, for example!
Another thing to consider is the preferences of the driver. A great way of increasing the morale of an employee – or even attracting new employees – is to give them a choice of multiple models when providing a company car.
Get Advice when Choosing Your Company Car
There is more information on each individual vehicle than ever before, and all of it is just a few clicks away thanks to the internet. Sites such as Auto Express and Top Gear provide an abundance of specs, details and reviews in order to help you decide on the best company car.
And, if that’s not enough, our expert team are always happy to provide you with advice, guidance and information to help ensure you lease the best company car for tax purposes, as well as one that matches every one of your expectations. We will also create a finance package created around your individual needs and requirements.
Call us on 01636 858458, email info@justvehicle.solutions or visit our office in Newark today; you’ll never look back!