It’s been just over 2 months since Just Vehicle Solutions signed up to became a member of – a platform for action against climate change, and we wanted to update you with our progress so far in our mission to become climate positive.

So far since becoming a member, we have offset 12.36 tonnes of CO2e! Below is a list of projects our membership fees have supported, and  along with the amount of CO2e reduced in tonnes:

  • Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia – 24 tonnes
  • Small scale onshore wind in India – 95 tonnes
  • Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile – 09 tonnes
  • Producing renewable wind energy in Bulgaria – 09 tonnes

To put this into perspective, 12.36 tonnes of CO2e is the equivalent to either 9 long haul flights or 30,665 miles driven in a car.

And, Ecologi have planted 208 trees on our behalf! How good is that?

Become an Ecologi member and become climate positive

Want to make a difference to the planet? Your business could become a member of Ecologi to become climate positive. And if you sign up using the link below, Ecologi will plant 30 trees in our forest as a thank you.

Click here to become a member of