UK temperatures are soaring to the highest they’ve ever been, with scientists claiming heatwaves will get more common in future. So, how do you ensure your car does not feel like an oven during spells of hot weather? By following our guide to cooling down your vehicle, of course!

Prepare ahead and stay in the shade

This may seem obvious but avoiding direct sunlight will help reduce some of the heat in your car. You can do this by either by parking in a place with cover or under a tree. If you go for the latter option, remember that this increases the likelihood of birds pooing on your car!
If you often struggle to find a shaded place to park, you can get a cover for your windscreen.

Lower your windows

Another step you can take is to keep your windows slightly lowered. This will allow the air to circulate and the heat to escape while you’re away, although this is a slightly risky step to take. Only open the window a couple of centimetres so no-one can reach their hand inside and always set your car alarm if you have one.

Use your doors to create a fan

Before you go straight for the air conditioning, try fanning the hot air out of your car. Prior to setting off, open the windows on the right side of your car and swing the door on the left back and forth. This motion will push the hot air out through the open windows and hopefully bring some fresh air back inside.
Use your aircon effectively
Once you’re in your car, switch the aircon on and make sure the air isn’t recirculating. Instead of blasting all the air towards your head, lower it into the footwells. This will push the hot air up and out of your windows.

How to keep your car cool

Keep your windows down for a couple minutes after you set off to make sure all of the old air is gone. When your aircon is cooler than the air in your car, close your windows and set the air to recirculate. This will cool down the air even more quickly.

Stay hydrated

It is essential to make sure you stay hydrated when the temperatures are this high. Driving while dehydrated can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. However, it’s not just you who needs those all-important fluids. That’s why we help motorists ensure their vehicle is topped up with all the right things and performing exactly how you would expect.

Our commitment to keeping you and your vehicle hydrated this summer extends to our recent marketing campaign, in which we are sending out vehicular guides and JVS water bottles. Call 01636 702876 to get yours – although you’ll have to hurry as we only have a limited amount left!

Feeling the heat this summer?

While a hot car is not necessarily something you can completely avoid, our modern cars have highly effective air conditioning systems. For cool, relaxing journeys, make sure you get one of our short-term leases. Contact us today for more information.