Moving house? Make sure you complete the following tasks – failure to do so could result in a fine and in some places could even be a criminal offence!

1) Update your car insurance

If your car insurance is registered at a different address, you need to change it immediately, otherwise, you are at serious risk of it becoming void.

Fortunately, updating your insurance is a pretty straightforward process. Unfortunately, it could affect the price…

As you’re probably well aware, things such as where you leave your car and your location do have an impact on your policy. However, you could also be entitled to a small refund if your house move means your vehicle is at less risk.

Usually, an insurer will charge an amendment fee, or you could decide to cancel your current policy and opt for another insurer. Your best bet is to go on a comparison site such as Compare The Market to assess your options before picking the best one to suit your circumstances and finances.

Either way, we recommend that you call your current insurer in advance to inform them of your move and request a new quote.

2) Inform the DVLA & update your driving license

Good news – you can update the address on your driving license absolutely free of charge with the DVLA!

When moving, you need to let the DVLA know and change your driving license, vehicle log book and direct debit for vehicle tax. Use the following links to ensure you tick each of these off your to-do list.

  1. Change the address on your driving license.
  2. Change the address on your vehicle’s log book/car ownership certificate. If you do not do update the DVLA on this, you can be fined up to £1,000.
  3. Pay your vehicle via direct debit? Here’s how to continue paying your vehicle tax from your new address.

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