Fed up of your standard hatchback, saloon or estate? The classic crossover could be just your thing! With the bigger chassis of an SUV and the best traits of a car, the crossover is a great modern edition to the daily drive.


Crossovers are excellent vehicles for safety, comfort, convenience and handling. Check out the six best crossovers we’ve listed below!



This crossover hatchback is almost as successful as BMW’s saloons and estates. The X1 is the BMW for families, enabling you to cruise in a practical and spacious cabin while showing off that prestigious blue and white shield.

Best Crossovers BMW


This model feels sturdy and strong, with the engine’s torque helping to pull the weight of the car forward and uphill. Averaging at around 51.4mpg for the petrol engine, this is a great run around for low mileage and urban drivers.


Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai is considered to be one of the original crossover SUVs. With performance and design ahead of its time, it is no wonder why the Qashqai was so successful when it came out.

Best Crossovers Nissan

Nowadays you can find a wide range of crossovers to suit your personal needs but the Qashqai remains a decent choice. The newer generation still keeps up with current trends and is a real contender in the crossover market.


VW Tiguan

This five-seater is an excellent choice if you’re frequently transporting your family around. The VW Tiguan interior is simple yet well thought out and the infotainment system is a fantastic addition to an already great car.

Best Crossovers VW

The bigger models are generally much better than the smaller ones (as with a lot of car models) so make sure you get your money’s worth.


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Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V has become an increasingly popular model for the automaker. Honda have developed a great car which is well equipped and spacious though maybe not as stylish as the BMW, Volvo or Range Rover.

Best Crossovers Honda

The CR-V has space for 7 people, which is great for those with extended families, and a range of 39.8-44.8 mpg increases this vehicle’s practicality. This and Honda’s great record of reliability makes the CR-V a brilliant choice for those wanting a great crossover without breaking the bank.


Volvo XC60

Volvo’s hugely popular XC60 model is one classy vehicle. The XC60 balances agility and comfort with great handling and performance. There is even a plug-in hybrid option which will get the attention of many – especially with so much focus on protecting the environment.

Best Crossovers Volvo

Both the exterior design and slick interior make this a real contender to the Range Rover for those with a slightly smaller budget.


Range Rover Evoque

For a top of the range, premium crossover, the Range Rover Evoque is the ultimate choice. With the classic luxury of a Range Rover set alongside the brand’s reliability and functionality, this is a gem for those who can afford it.

Best Crossovers Range Rover

The Evoque combines stunning aesthetics with a fantastic performance and excellent handling. With the sturdiness of a classic Range Rover and the nifty handling of a hatchback, you’ll feel comfortable driving anywhere.


Interested in a Crossover?

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