Just Vehicle Solutions specialise in 6 & 12 month short term lease contracts. However, we do occasionally have vehicles available for a 1 month lease.

Due to availability, not all models are applicable for one month leasing. To discover which cars are currently available on a rolling contract, explore our lease deals. Don’t forget to use our deposit slider to customise your down payment and monthly fee.

Can you lease a car for 1 month?

Absolutely! Short-term car leasing ranges from as little as 28 days, right on through to multi-year, long-term car contracts.

One of the key perks of short term leasing is its flexibility. Most car lease contracts can be tailored to your specific needs or those of your business. This includes the length of the contract, as well as the monthly payments and deposit.

How do one-month lease contracts work?

One month leasing works on a 28-day, rolling basis. While the length of the contract may be significantly shorter, the leasing process remains the same.

  1. Complete our online application form.
  2. We perform an in-house soft credit check.
  3. We contact you to discuss your requirements and find the perfect vehicle to match your needs. This includes an agreed mileage limit and contract length (which in this case, would be a rolling, 28-day term).
  4. You sign your documents electronically.
  5. You collect your car from our office, and drive away!

Benefits of one month car leasing

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that life moves very quickly. The drastic impact of coronavirus has dramatically changed our day-to-day lives in 2020, with commuting, working and driving habits significantly reduced and transformed.

This has led many cars, vans and trucks to be left on our drives, streets and garages, gathering dust as we stay inside and adhere to government regulations.

While car owners and those in lengthy vehicular commitments are currently paying for a vehicle they may no longer need, motorists with one-month lease contracts can simply end their lease contract or swap their vehicle for a more affordable option during the lockdown.

We have seen many of our month-by-month leasing customers exchange bigger vehicles for smaller options due to no longer needing the space for work or office commuting.

Then, when lockdown restrictions are lifted and we gradually return to our normal routines, they can simply swap back to their previous models thanks to the flexibility of short-term leasing.

All the benefits of a brand-new car, without the commitment

Anyone who has made significant investments in their cars – be it a long-term lease contract, PPC or buying outright – will know that cars can depreciate by thousands of pounds in a mere matter of months.

Short term lease contracts avoid the risks associated with the used car market, as well as the necessary financial investment to buy a brand-new vehicle. This means:

  • No MOTs
  • Servicing is taken care of
  • No long-term commitment
  • No hefty investment

For more guidance, check out our go-to Car Leasing Guide.

Is leasing the right option for me?

A Transport for London Study recently showed that:

  • Over 90% of changes in car use are associated with a life event (“most commonly a change in jobs, moving house, or a change in family circumstances”).
  • Other major factors in motorist’s behaviour change include a desire to save money and a desire to improve health and fitness.
  • A third of online survey respondents substantially changed their travel habits in the last 12 months.

Circumstances change all the time. Wouldn’t it be useful if you had the freedom to change your vehicle equally as frequently to match and keep up with your lifestyle?

If you’re still unsure whether leasing is the right option for you right now, here are a few of our most frequent customers:

  • Business owners who need a lease contract to evolve with the size and services of their company. This is an increasingly popular option for start-ups, who want to avoid long-term commitments, but need a vehicle quickly and easily, without any hassle.
  • People looking to make the switch to a hybrid or electric car, but are unsure whether they’re ready to commit to buying one.
  • Business owners and motorists who want to avoid the uncertainties of Brexit and the auto industry.
  • People based in the capital who want to avoid the high costs of leasing in London.
  • Employers hiring new employees who need a company car.

Can you lease a car with bad credit?

Bad credit car leasing is a much-discussed topic in the auto industry. If you are someone who struggles with a low credit leasing, do not worry; leasing and car rental could still be a solution for you.

We run an independent credit check, which is far less strict than the regulations from big-name manufacturers. This allows some flexibility when it comes to leasing and poor credit.

What now?

Give us a call on 01636 858458 to discuss your requirements before finding the perfect short term lease deal.