Procrastinating, nail-biting, smoking… Everyone has habits they want to kick in day-to-day life, but how many do you have while driving?

Not only can a bad habit on the roads damage your vehicle; it can also put you and other motorists in serious danger. Explore our guide to ensure you kick any negative tendencies and habits when behind the wheel.

1) Keeping your hand on the gearstick

Ever heard of the rule, “Keep both hands on the wheel at all times”? There’s a reason your driving instructor kept saying it… While having both hands on the wheel whenever possible does more to guarantee full control of the vehicle, it also helps to maintain your transmission.

How, you ask? Well, if you are a driver that keeps their hand on the gearbox at all times to ensure maximum acceleration, you risk wearing out your selector fork prematurely.

2) Shifting to reverse before stopping completely

Ever heard that awful grinding sound when you’ve gone to reverse into a parking spot? That’s more than likely because you’ve hastily shifted to reverse while the car still has forward momentum.

Make sure you stop completely to a halt before shifting to reverse. Failing to do so will cause significant wear on the transmission band, whether you’re in an automatic or manual vehicle.

3) Going over speed bumps too quickly

Speed bumps are there for a reason: to ensure maximum safety and calm on residential and pedestrian-heavy roads. That is, of course, enough reason to respect their presence, but it is also worth complying with their regulatory speeds in order to protect your vehicle from unnecessary damage.

UK law states that speed bumps can be as high as 100mm. For these heights, you need to slow down to 5mph to ensure your vehicle remains unscathed. If you exceed the recommended speed when travelling over a bump in the road, you risk damaging the undercarriage, exhaust and steering of your car.

Speed Bump

4) Riding the clutch

This is one that the majority of motorists are guilty of every now and again. Riding the clutch is essentially when a motorist neglects to take their foot off the pedal following a gear change. This can tremendously reduce the lifespan of your clutch, which is usually listed under ‘wear and tear’ and therefore is not covered by your warranty.

Riding the clutch is a particularly popular option during hill starts. We would recommend using your handbrake and shifting the car into neutral in such circumstances.

Car Pedal

5) Overloading your vehicle

Packing your car with too much stuff can put significant strain on the brakes, suspension and drivetrain. If you’re planning a long trip involving plenty of luggage, it’s definitely worth having a quick glance at your manual to check the maximum loadweight.

Making sure that any unnecessary items are left at home on every car journey will also save you money on fuel (and the planet on emissions!).

Packed Car

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