As the summer ends and we enter the Autumn months, many of us will be celebrating Halloween. While you may be game for a spot of trick or treat, how do you feel about driving down some of countries most haunted roads?

Here are 5 British roads that are (supposedly) haunted.

A616 – Stockbridge Bypass, Nottinghamshire:

The development of this new road was announced in the 1980s, although before it had even been completed, it had already gained a reputation for ghostly activity. Many construction workers reported spooky sightings while working there, with some refusing to work there alone. This eventually led to the police being informed and sent there on night patrol, where they experienced unexplainable activity themselves.

A38 – Derby Road, Devon:

Amongst other things, drivers have reported sightings of monks on this road.

A30 – Bodmin Moor, Cornwall:

This Road is said to be haunted by the Beast of Bodmin. The Beast of Bodmin is an alleged panther-like creature, which is sighted near to locations where livestock has been found mutilated.

A75 – Kinmount Straight, Dumfries and Galloway:

Dubbed ‘Scotland’s Most Haunted Road,’ the Kinmount straight on the A75 in Dumfriesshire is said to have had more reports of spooky sightings than any other road in the UK. Reports include phantom hitchhikers, animals, horsemen and carriages to name a few.

A229 – Blue Bell Hill, Kent:

As well as a history of serious accidents, this road become known for the ‘Blue Bell Hill Bride.’ Since a bride-to-be died in a car accident on the road, drivers have reported seeing a woman in a wedding gown.