80 new start-up businesses are created every hour in the UK, that equates to one every three seconds. A great way to ensure your business stands out is with a brand-new company car lease.
Getting noticed for your products and services is on you, but our business car leasing can enhance your reputation and image outside of the office.
Still asking yourself: is leasing a car worth it? Below, we detail six reasons why our car lease specials are the perfect solution for new businesses.
1) Impress Clients and/or Customers

Your vehicle is an extension and representation of your business. Research suggests that you have just seven seconds to make a first impression. This could include your arrival into the car park. You wouldn’t greet someone wearing a raggedy, stained, torn suit, so why would you arrive in a vehicle on its last legs?
A business car lease could get you behind the wheel of a brand-new, shiny BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, or any other high-end vehicle you have in mind. Our cheap lease cars are a great way of ensuring your vehicle reflects the professional, superior, unique service or products you provide.
2) Car Leasing with Bad Credit or No Credit History

Many start-up businesses struggle to obtain a great value car leasing deal from manufacturers due to their lack of credit history. If your new business is only a year or two old, you’ll realise that automakers require ample credit history and excellent credit ratings, something your company may not have.
Fear not, all is not lost. Just Vehicle Solutions can offer contract hire and leasing deals after a simple, in-house credit check. We can tailor a financial solution to match your individual needs and situation.
3) Attract new talent to your new business

One of the biggest challenges for start-up businesses is finding the right people at the right time to join them. A slick company car can be an excellent incentive to attract people to your business, as well as motivate current employees, who will grow to become vital assets of your daily operations.
4) Change your company car every 3, 6 or 12 months

Purchasing a vehicle is a huge commitment that can eventually go against the grain of your business.
Whether your start-up has expanded, shrunk or the individual you got the new company car for has since exited, you are now left with a car that no longer matches your circumstance or business aims. This then burdens you with:
– The task of having to sell your vehicle for much less than you bought it for due to depreciation costs.
– Finding a new company car yet still having the risk of outgrowing it.
This is where our short-term car leases, which range from 3-12 months, are absolutely ideal. Avoid the hassle and costs of selling and buying vehicles and opt for a flexible, stress-free lease instead!
5) Spend more time in the office and less at the garage

Rather than getting weighed down by documentation and travelling to pick up your vehicle, we simplify our lease agreements as much as possible, and will even deliver the vehicle to your doorstep.
We take care of any maintenance and MOTs your company car may need, meaning your precious time and funds can be spent on what you know and love, chasing your passion and furthering your business.
6) Low cost leasing on any UK model

When leasing a car for business with Just Vehicle Solutions, you have the choice of any UK make or model. From commercial car leases to convertibles, executive saloons and SUVs, we have it all.
No longer are you restricted to one particular automaker; the automotive world is well and truly your oyster.
Find your company car lease today
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