This year, Land Rover celebrates the 70th anniversary of their first ever vehicle. That’s right, the iconic British automaker has been producing award-winning SUVs for seven decades!

Where did it all begin? Land Rover’s origins…

The first Land Rover concept work began in 1947 by Hampshire-born engineer Maurice Wilks. What started out as a traced outline in the sand on Red Wharf Bay has since knitted itself “firmly into the fabric of Britain and many more nations across the globe.”

For the first few years, Land Rovers only came in shades of light green due to the fact they largely used surplus military supplies of aircraft cockpit paint.

At this point, Land Rover vehicles were produced by the Rover Company. The popularity of this production line resulted in Land Rover forming its own company in 1978, which was later bought by BMW in 1994 and Ford Motor Company in 2006.

Ford sold Land Rover to Tata Motors just two years later for £1.7 billion. Included in the deal was Jaguar Cars. In 2013, Tata Motors combined the two to form Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.

What is Land Rover famous for?

In its own words, Land Rover is famous for “adapting, developing and changing to suit the needs” of those who drive the brand’s vehicles.

Originally known for their robustness, off-road capability and durability, the brand has now also become synonymous with luxury and innovation.

What was once an agricultural workhorse is now a selection of all-terrain vehicles that go “above and beyond”, to use Land Rover’s slogan.

In January 2018, Jaguar Land Rover announced record sales around the world, selling over 621,000 vehicles globally.

Land Rover models

Range Rover

Launched in 1970, the Range Rover has grown to become an SUV that epitomises all of Land Rover’s core values: design, innovation, versatility, capability and performance.
Connectivity and technology are a given with this model, which offers touchscreens, an intelligent infotainment system, voice recognition and the option to check your fuel, find where you parked and record your journeys using your phone.