Here at Just Vehicle Solutions, we are committed to improving our business through a range of partnerships, accreditiations and memberships. Take a look below and see what we do.

Just Vehicle Solutions are members of Ecologi is a Bristol based company founded by Elliot Coad, Alex Price, and Lucy Jack, and is a platform for action against climate change.

Using the money generated from user membership fees, Ecologi funds climate projects designed to reduce worlds carbon footprint. The money is invested into projects that remove more greenhouse gases that your own carbon footprint puts in, thus creating a positive effect on the environment.

Each month, Ecologi supports a wide range of carbon reduction projects that are certified at the very highest level by Gold Standard and equivalent.

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Investors in People

Just Vehicle Solutions are accredited by Investors In People. The Investors in People Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organisation’s performance through its employees. It helps organisations to improve performance and realise objectives through the management and development of their people. We believe our people are our biggest asset and want to create an environment they can both enjoy and excel within.

Cyber Essentials

Just Vehicle Solutions are proud to announce that we have received our Cyber Essentials certification. We care about your data and wanted to take as many steps as a possible as a business to ensure our processes and systems were doing as much as possible to keep our customers data safe and secure. Cyber Essentials is our first step along this journey and gives us confidence behind the security of what we do and provide as a business. We also plan on increasing the accreditation the “Plus” next level up accreditation in the coming years, along with pursuing ISO9001 & other ISO frameworks.  

Our certification gives protection against a wide variety of the most common cyber attacks. This is important because vulnerability to simple attacks can mark you out as target for more in-depth unwanted attention from cyber criminals and others. Certification gives companies peace of mind that their defences will protect against the vast majority of common cyber attacks simply because these attacks are looking for targets which do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.


Just Vehicle Solutions are a member of British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. The BVRLA ensures its members are using best practice along with signing up to their code of conduct as the leading industry rental and leasing body within the UK. Using a rental company signed up with BVRLA gives our customers piece of mind. 

The BVRLA has over 970 organisations in membership, all of whom operate in, or engage with the UK vehicle rental, leasing and fleet sectors. From small and medium-sized businesses to large PLCs, the BVRLA welcomes all those who are committed to delivering excellence.

By consulting with government and maintaining industry standards, BVRLA helps it’s members deliver safe, sustainable and affordable road transport to millions of consumers and businesses.