The summer is here, which means many of you will be planning your summer road trips, meaning long journeys in hot weather.

To avoid breakdown and disruption to your travels, we’ve got 6 quick checks that you can do on your vehicle to keep you on the road.

Screens and Screen wash 

When you get a build up of dirt and insects on your window screen (and headlights), it is best to clean them manually, as your wipers won’t always clear the window screen completely. Also ensure that your screen wash has been topped up before you set off. 


Check your tyre pressures before any long journeys, and adjust them to accommodate for heavy loads. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters of the tyre tread.


Make sure you set off with a full tank of fuel (or full battery charge if you are in an EV), and plan your route so you know where you can fill up / recharge if necessary.


Before setting off on any long journey, check that your oil levels are correct to avoid causing damage to your engine. If your oil light illuminates, check your oil straight away.


Your car’s electrics will be subject to increased use during the summer with the use of air conditioning, mobile devices being charged and stop – start driving. If in doubt, go to your local service centre to have your battery’s health checked.

Warning lights

You shouldn’t ignore any warning lights that appear, as these are informing you of a potentially serious problem. Orange warning lights indicate that there is a fault that needs attention. Red warning lights indicate that there is a serious issue, and you must therefore stop the car as soon as it is safe to do so.