In October 2021, Just Vehicle Solutions signed up to become a member of Ecologi. Ecologi was formed in Bristol, founded by Elliot Coad, Alex Price, and Lucy Jack, and is a monthly subscription service aimed at taking positive action against climate change.

Using the money generated from monthly subscription fees, Ecologi funds projects all over the world that are designed to reduce the worlds carbon footprint.

So far, since we started our membership, Ecologi have used our membership fees to plant 1237 trees on our behalf, and have funded a total of 31 projects worldwide.

Climate projects Just Vehicle Solutions has supported

Take a look at some of the climate positive projects we have supported below:

The combined impact of these projects is the equivalent to 88.89 tonnes of CO2e! This equates to:

  • 68 long haul flights
  • 267m2 of sea ice saved
  • 220,536 miles driven in a car

Not bad, eh?

Would you like to become a member of Ecologi?

You too can sign up for an Ecologi membership and do your bit for climate change. Simply head over to their website to get started. Alternatively, click this link to be referred to them by us, and as a result they’ll plant another 30 trees our behalf!