As the year draws to an end, we wanted to reflect on how our membership fees with Ecologi have been used. Ecologi is a platform for climate action, and users the fees from their memberships to fund climate positive projects all around the world.

Having a membership with Ecologi means we can offset our carbon output and be more climate positive as a business. This is something we recommend all businesses get onboard with, and if you and your business would like to do the same then sign up using this link and Ecologi will plant 30 trees in our forest to say thank you. So far during our 15 month membership, Ecologi have planted 957 trees on our behalf.

The 67.85t of carbon reduction is the equivalent to:

  • 52 Long haul flights
  • 204 metres² of sea ice saved
  • 168,336 miles driven in a car

What projects have our membership fees funded?

Click on the links below to read about the projects we have been funding: