The world is more climate conscious than it’s ever been, and so are we. Just Vehicle Solutions is a member of Ecologi – a platform for climate action. Ecologi use the fees generated from their memberships to fund climate positive projects around the world. Every month, we like to update you as to what our fees have been spent on, and hopefully we can encourage you to become a member too.

In the last 13 months since our membership started, Ecologi have planted 887 trees in our forest on our behalf. That equates to 62.59t of carbon reduction.

What projects have our membership fees funded?

Click on the links below to read about the projects we have been funding:

62.59 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following:

  • 48 long haul flights
  • 188 metres2of sea ice saved
  • 155,286 miles driven in a car

Become Climate Positive with Ecologi

If you or your business would like to take steps to become more climate positive, start your membership with Ecologi today.  Sign up using our referral link, and they’ll kindly plant another 30 trees on our behalf as a gesture of good will. Click here to sign up and find out more.