Just Vehicle Solutions are proud to say that we are in our third year of our Ecologi membership, and we wanted to give you quarterly updates on how our membership is being used to help the planet.

Ecologi is a platform for climate action. Users pay a fee for their membership, and the funds generated are used to finance climate positive projects all over the world.

Since October 2021, our membership fees have been used for a range of projects designed to offset our carbon footprint – something that is very important to us as a business.

As of 2024, the amount of CO2e that has been prevented from being emitted has just tipped over 100t. In fact, the official figure is 108.43 tCO2e.

Climate positive projects

Click on the links below to read about the projects our membership fees have funded.

You can become a member and be climate positive

You can become a member of Ecologi and make your own positive impact on the planet. Simply head over to their website, or use our referral link and Ecologi will plant an additional 5 trees on our behalf as a thank you. What are you waiting for?