Tesla unveiled the highly-anticipated Model Y in March this year, much to the excitement of motorists and electric car enthusiasts around the globe.

Our guide tells you exactly what you need to know about the upcoming model from Elon Musk & Tesla, including its range, availability and extraordinary capabilities.

1) What is its range?

The question on everyone’s lips each time a new electric model is announced: How far can I drive in it before I need to recharge?

Anyone considering the Tesla Model Y will be delighted to discover that the mid-size crossover EV has an outstanding range of 300 miles (EPA est.).

The fact that it is fully electric means Model Y owners will never have to visit a petrol station again, and can instead charge it wholly at home, ensuring they wake up with 100% charge every morning.

2) It is the safest vehicle in its class

Elon Musk prioritises safety in each vehicle Tesla produces, and the Model Y is no different.

“Designed to be the safest in its class”, this particular EV boasts a low centre of gravity, “large crumple zones” and impact protection in the bonnet, all of which serve to guard those inside the vehicle from a collision.

As is the case with all Tesla cars, the Model Y is equipped with emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring, enabling maximum safety wherever you travel.

Tesla Model Y
Photo: Electrek

3) It’s just as capable in the rain as it is in the snow, mud and off-road

Thanks to its intelligent All-Wheel Drive technology, the Tesla Model Y is extremely capable in all conditions.

Its two independent electric motors combine to control the torque levels between the front and back wheels, allowing superior handling, traction and stability.

4) It can seat up to 7 adult passengers

The Tesla Model Y is spacious enough to seat seven adults, with versatile seating and storage solutions spread across its interior.

With up to 3 rows of seating, the Model Y is absolutely ideal for lengthy road trips with the family or large groups, especially when you consider its easy access boot-space.

5) It can go 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds

If you’re looking for speed, the Model Y is definitely a suitable option.

Its acceleration may sit a little lower than its fellow Tesla models, but it is still capable of reaching 60mph in a mere 3.5 seconds.

To put that into perspective, the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s 0-60mph is 7.9 seconds while the BMW X1 achieves this in 6.8 seconds.

What it boasts in acceleration, the Tesla Model Y also matches in velocity, with an exhilarating top speed of 150mph.

7) Model Y owners will be able to enjoy a 15″ touchscreen

Nowadays, a car needs to possess more than just an impressive performance, it needs technology, comfort and luxury to truly stand out. Elon Musk clearly appreciates this, as he has equipped a 15″ touchscreen display in the cabin of the Model Y.

Driver connectivity is also enhanced by a phenomenal sound system, elevated seating and an all-glass roof to maximise the views while taking to the road.

8) It is capable of driving itself

That’s right, the Model Y is capable of fully autonomous driving, meaning it can drive itself on busy city streets and motorways!

This technology, which also innovatively enables the EV to identify spaces in car parks, will of course only be able to be deployed should an update in regulation allow it.

Electric Car Charging

9) How much will the Tesla Model Y cost?

Reports suggest that the Tesla Model Y will cost between $39,000 and $60,000, depending on what exact version of the model you go for.

Tesla will be releasing four editions of the Model Y, which will vary in range and power.

10) When is the Tesla Model Y available?

The Model Y is currently available to pre-order in the US with a refundable “pre-order payment” of $2,500. The option to order one should become available for UK citizens in the near future.

Deliveries are expected to begin autumn 2020 for all versions of the Model Y except the Standard, which is pencilled to arrive the following spring.

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