A recent survey for Green Flag has found that a third of motorists think the most stressful aspect of a breakdown is the cost of fixing a car. Almost a quarter found that being far from home (24%) and location (23%) were concerns when their car breaks down. In total, Green Flag estimate that breakdown anxiety affects an estimated 24.5 million motorists.

Katie Lomas, Head of Green Flag Breakdown stated “Breaking down can be a stressful situation for drivers, especially if it happens on a motorway or an isolated country road.

“It is vital drivers know what they should do in these scenarios. The most important thing is for the driver and any passengers to be safe, remain calm, and do their best to ensure their car does not cause a danger to other road users.

“Prevention is always better than cure and we know that many breakdowns are avoidable if proper care is taken before and during a trip.”

Green Flag recommend the following steps in the event that you breakdown on the motorway:

Pull to the left as soon as possible

Pull into the hard shoulder at your earliest convenience, and slow to a complete stop as carefully as you can. Put your hazard lights on when you have come to a stop.

Use an emergency phone if needed

Emergency phones are located at 1 mile intervals, and will connect your directly to the emergency services who will know your location.

When your car is stationary

Turn your front wheels towards the left. If another car was to hit your front behind, this would ensure your vehicle was pushed off the road, as opposed to into the carriageway. If it is dark, turn on your side lights.

Get out of the car

Leave the car through the doors on the left of the car, so you aren’t stepping into the road. Make sure you and your passengers are on the verge, away from moving traffic.

Don’t display your red warning triangle

Even though these are a piece of safety equipment, the risks of putting them out when the traffic is fast moving is much greater than the potential benefits of using them.

Call for help

If there isn’t an emergency phone available, use your mobile phone to call your breakdown provider or the emergency services.

Wait near your car

Be sure to be near your car while waiting for assistance, and ensure that you are stood somewhere safe away from moving traffic.

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