A recent study from Kwik Fit reveals how the current cost of living is changing driver behaviours. In total, almost 7 in 10 (69%) motorists claim to have changed their behaviour since the beginning of 2022.

40% of those who drive petrol or diesel cars have cut down on journeys to save money, compared to just 22% of those that drive electric vehicles – more than twice the amount. Just over 1 in 5 drivers (21%) claim to be driving more consciously, either more smoothly or less aggressively, with 14% slowing down on all journeys.

The current cost of living, which includes the increasing cost of motoring has encouraged drivers to maintain their cars more, with 10% saying they have started to check their tyre pressures more regularly 11% removing heavy items from their boot to reduce weight, and 3% removing roof racks, bars or bike racks that they would usually keep on the car all the time.

“We would encourage all motorists to make sure their car is running as efficiently as possible and to especially take the measures that cost nothing – ensure that their tyres are at the correct pressure and that the car is not suffering from unnecessary weight in the boot or drag on the roof,”.

“Seemingly small measures can have a big impact on fuel consumption and of course, having the correct tyre pressure will also help prolong the life of a tyre by reducing premature wear.”

Is leasing a vehicle cost effective?

If you are looking for a new vehicle and are looking to keep down the costs due to the current climate, then leasing a vehicle could be the answer.

Quite often, leasing a vehicle can work out cheaper overall than buying a brand-new car outright. Some advantages include:

  • You pay less upfront
  • Road tax included
  • 24 hour Roadside assistance included
  • Never need an MOT
  • No unexpected costs
  • Don’t have to sell the car after depreciation

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