Customer Information

Below you can find a list of common questions with regards to vehicle maintenance, breakdown and roadside assistance, insurance claims and damage process and charges.


What maintenance is covered under my lease contract?

Any faults found with the vehicle are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

What maintenance is not covered under my lease contract?

Any damage or excessive wear to parts or components caused by driver misuse.

Any damage caused to the vehicle as a result of an accident.

Any damage to tyres including but not limited to gouges, cuts or bulges in tyre walls and punctures.

What should I do when my vehicle needs a service?

Vehicle servicing is not included in the price of our short-term leases. You will need to service the vehicle at it’s set service interval which will be mileage of period based, for example 12 months of 15k miles. If you are unsure, please get in touch.

Depending on the vehicle, some may need to be serviced by the manufacturer, and others can be done at any garage using genuine parts. If you are unsure, get in touch and we will inform you.

What should I do if my car develops a fault?

All vehicles are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You should contact your closest dealership to arrange repair.

Breakdown and Roadside assistance

What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

If your vehicle breaks down, you should contact the manufacturer of the vehicle, and they will provide assistance.

Please feel free to call us to let us know and see if we can help in anyway. However we always advise calling the breakdown number yourself as the agent will often need to speak to the person who is with the vehicle in order to organise meeting you to assess the vehicle.

Manufacturer Number
BMW 0800 777 111
Fiat 0800 342 800 00
Ford 0800 111 234
Hyundai 0800 980 2733
Jaguar 0800 246 844
Kia 0800 015 8762
Mercedes-Benz 0207 975 7077
MG Motor UK 0800 072 3338
Nissan 0330 123 1231
Peugeot 0800 292 0294
Renault 0800 085 8005
SEAT 0800 262 622
Skoda 0800 526 625
Toyota 0800 246 824
Volkswagen 0800 777 192
Volvo 0800 777 116


Windscreen/Glass Damage

What should I do if I have a crack or chip in my windscreen?

Providing you have taken out appropriate insurance cover, you should claim for the damage and arrange the repair with your insurance company. If there are still signs of damage when the vehicle is returned, you will be liable for the cost of replacement.

Can I arrange an insurance repair to a windscreen after the vehicle has been returned?

No, all repairs must be carried out within the lease term before the vehicle is returned.

Accidents/Damage to Hire Vehicles

What damage is covered under the Fair Wear & Tear Guide?

We inspect vehicles according to the BVRLA standard.

What should I do if I have an accident?

Please contact your insurance company and follow their claims process. Also contact Just Vehicle Solutions as soon as possible to update us on the situation.

Where do I take my vehicle for insurance repairs?

Any repairs must be carried out by a manufacturer approved repairer. Please contact Just Vehicle Solutions for more information.

Who provides me with a courtesy car when required?

Your insurance company may provide you with a courtesy car as per the terms of your insurance policy.

What if I put the wrong fuel in my vehicle?

We recommend that you do not drive your vehicle or start the engine as it may cause damage. Please call Just Vehicle Solutions so we can arrange a solution for you.

Do I still have to pay for the lease of the vehicle while it is being repaired?

The customer is liable for the lease charges throughout the duration of the repair.

What if the vehicle has been written of as a result of an accident?

The customer is liable for the lease charges until Just Vehicle Solutions receives a final vehicle valuation settlement from your insurance provider.

Do I have the opportunity to arrange an insurance repair to my vehicle after the end of the lease contract?

No, all repairs must be carried out with the lease term before the vehicle is returned.

Examples of repair costs

Upon returning the vehicle to us, it will be inspected and any chargeable damage found will be charged to you. You can find an example of common damage costs below. These figures are examples only, and the actual cost could be lower / higher.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


Damage type Cost
Alloy Wheels £70 – £150 to repair / Up to £1000 to replace
Painted Bumper Scratched £80 – £260
Painted Bumper Dented £80 – £260
Side Panel Scratched/No Blend £50 – £260
Side Panel Dented/No Blend £50 – £325
Colour Match/Blending Panels If Required £90
Bonnet/Roof/Bootlid Chipped or Scratched £25 – £350
Bonnet/Roof/Bootlid Dented £45 – £350