Many consumers across the UK are experiencing delays with their new vehicle orders, meaning longer lead times when buying a new car. Current delays are due to many factors, with one of the biggest being the global shortage of semiconductors, which are computer chips used in many products that have electrical components, like vehicles.

What has caused the delays?

It all started when many car manufacturers cut their parts ordering across their whole supply chain in 2020 due to the pandemic. This was to stop a build up a of stock. However, when productions levels began to pick up again, manufacturers found that the chip industry was more focussed on supplying the home technology industry. This due to more people working from and spending more time at home, so demand for goods like mobile phones, laptops and games consoles went up.  

The further add fuel to fire, further semiconductor shortages have been caused by a huge blaze at a manufacturing plant in Japan, where a large proportion of the world’s semiconductors are produced.

As a result of these delays, many consumers who have ordered a brand-new vehicles are finding that delivery is being delayed by around 6 months. So what is the solution for those needing a brand new vehicle sooner?

Consider a short-term vehicle lease from Just Vehicle Solutions

If you are experiencing delays on your new vehicle, and need a something to fill the gap, then a short-term vehicle lease could be the perfect solution. Just Vehicle Solutions offer simple, flexible and efficient short term lease deals on a huge range of vehicles to suit your needs. Even in the current climate, we have a everything from small to medium sized vehicles, to SUV’s, vans and pick-ups, with many vehicles in stock and available within 48 hours. Online applications take just 2 minutes, with most application decisions given on the same day.

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