Do you drive long distances regularly? Whether you’re not getting the right fuel economy, struggling with parking, or are simply bored of the same tedious commute, these 5 hacks will keep you going on your journeys, wherever you go!

1) Never lose your car again

We’ve all been there – visiting another city at the weekend and frantically trying to find somewhere to park. We’re often in such a rush that we don’t stop and think about where we left the car, only to get lost when we return in the nighttime.

After a long day, the last thing you want is to scramble around the city frantically looking for your vehicle. Next time you park your car, drop a pin on your map app and save it as your parking spot. This way you’re guaranteed to find it and head home without any hassle.

2) Check your tyre pressure to increase fuel economy

When was the last time you checked your tyre pressure? It may seem small and inconsequential but your tyre pressure can affect the safety and fuel economy of your car. For every 1-psi drop in pressure, your fuel economy can drop by 0.4% – so, if your tyres are looking a little flat, it’s time to pump them back up!

car tyre pressure

If you’re putting it off because you don’t want to go out to the petrol station, you can purchase the equipment to check and top up your tyre pressure at home. Don’t forget, to find the right pressure target for your wheels, check the inside of your driver door frame.

3) No more boring, repetitive radio

Sometimes it can feel like the radio is playing the same three songs in a cycle. Fed up of constantly switching between stations? Time is valuable, and while you can’t do much while driving safely, you should not have to waste any of it getting increasingly bored of whatever you’re listening to.

There are a whole array of podcasts you can listen to on your journey. So, turn off the radio and educate or entertain yourself instead. Regardless of your interests, there will always be a podcast that’s perfect for you.

4) Avoid having to de-ice your car in the morning

There’s nothing worse than getting up on a frosty morning and having to de-ice and scrape away at the ice on your window. To avoid freezing in the morning cold, why not try parking your car facing east?

As we all know, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. By having your car facing east, the natural warmth of the sun at dawn should help to melt away the ice on your car. That way you can set off for your day without being stopped by the frost.

5. Demisting your windscreen hack

The cold winter weather can uncover all kinds of small yet annoying issues, like your windows steaming up when you get inside. This is caused by water vapour in the atmosphere from when your body heats the air inside the cabin.

However, with this handy hack, your windscreen will be clear in no time! Simply turn on your air-con and watch the mist fade away as it removes moisture from the air in the cabin.

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