It’s been 11 months since Just Vehicle Solutions signed up to become a member of Ecologi – a platform for climate action.  Our membership fees are used to fund climate positive projects around the world, and each month we share some of these with you.

So far, Ecologi have planted 817 trees on our behalf. This equates to 57.3t of carbon reduction!

Some of the recent projects include:

  • Generating renewable solar electricity in Egypt – This project is avoiding 83,683tonnes of CO2e emissions each year.
  • Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile – This project is preventing 250,000tonnes of CO2e emissions every year.
  • Preventing deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo – This project will prevent over 175,000,000tonnes of CO2e emissions over its 31 year lifespan.

Become Climate Positive with Ecologi

If you or your business would like to take steps to become climate positive, you too could sign up to become a member with Ecologi. Further more, if you sign up using our referral link, then they’ll kindly plant another 30 trees on our behalf as a thank you. Click here to sign up and find out more.