It’s been a while since our last update on how our Ecologi membership fees are currently being used, and we look forward to giving you an end of year round-up next month.

In the meantime, we just wanted to make you aware of what Ecologi is, and how you can become a member yourself to become more climate positive.

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi is an environmental organization based in Bristol and was founded by Elliot Coad, Alex Price, and Lucy Jack. Ecologi is a subscription service, so users pay a fee for their membership. Initially aimed at individuals, Ecologi has quickly grown into a community of over 40,000 members with over 19,000 business signed up.

Ecologi users membership fees to fund climate positive projects all over the world. These projects aim to remove more greenhouse gases that what you emit, therefore having a climate positive effect.

Just Vehicle Solutions are proud to have had a membership with Ecologi since 2021, and have funded many climate positive projects which we look forward to updating you on.

Become a member of Ecologi and be climate positive

If you are a business, or even an individual that would like to have a positive effect on the planet, then you could become a member of Ecologi yourself. You’ll get your own profile, meaning you can log in online and see what progress is being made and what your membership fees are being spent on.

Click here to head over to their website and become a member yourself. By using this link, you’ll get referred by Just Vehicle Solutions and as a thank you Ecologi will plant an additional 5 trees in our forest.