Our short-term lease deals allow you to change your vehicle as regularly as every 6 months. But there is still confusion among some people about what happens at the end of a lease contract.

With this in mind, we have put together a simple guide that explains the simple process of ending your lease deal, from renewals to vehicle checks and returns.

Coming to the end of your lease contract…

We usually contact customers 5-6 weeks before their renewal date to begin looking at their various options.

To ensure a seamless switchover of vehicles and avoid the possibility of you ever being without a ride, we can occasionally extend one contract while you wait for a new one, too.

Returning your lease vehicle

When leasing a car with JVS, you’re covered by the BVRLA’s Fair Wear & Tear policy. 

We do advise getting your vehicle cleaned and valeted before returning it to your leasing company.

When a vehicle is returned to us, one of our team will check it alongside you, pointing out any areas of damage that may be chargeable. It’s wise to build in about 20-30 minutes for this so that we have a chance to do our complete inspection.

Damage has always been one of our industry’s historic bugbears for customers. In the past, there have been cases of large national rental companies using damage as a revenue stream at the expense of our customers.

Years ago, our Development Director Terry fell victim to this when returning a van; the company actually used a laser to find any small marks on the vehicle! 

We, however, operate on a fair damage policy, where we allow customers to get vans repaired at their own chosen body shops. Alternatively, we can also get two trade quotes for you to choose from.

If you’re leasing a car, we prefer to use our reasonable and fair suppliers.

What now?

Now, you can start looking at your next lease deal. Whether you seek a commercial vehicle lease or a short-term car lease, we’re perfectly placed to find you with the perfect offer to match your every need!