Here at Just Vehicle Solutions, we have been assisting businesses in managing their vehicle fleet for over 8 years, and now offer a product to cater for those clients who have multiple commercial vehicles contracts with us: Fleet Plus+.

By taking advantage of Fleet Plus+, we relieve you of the hassle of organising your vehicles, dealing with servicing, M.O.T’s and vehicle disposals, as well as several other useful features.

Today, we are going to tell you about Vehicle Tracking Telematics.

What is Vehicle Tracking Telematics?

Telematics is the technology and process used to collect and monitor a range of information relating to an individual vehicle, or an entire fleets of vehicles. The data that is gathered includes the location of the vehicle, driver behaviour, system diagnostics and vehicle activity, using GPS which is the presented visually on a software platform to enable operators to monitor the vehicle.

  • By using GPS, the user has live visibility into vehicle location, speed and movement.
  • Sensors capture the data on driver activity, such as aggressive acceleration, harsh breaking and accidents.
  • Diagnostics information is pulled from the vehicle diagnostics system, so anything that may cause dashboard warnings will be captured.

This information collected and stored on the vehicle tracker that is installed on the vehicle, and sent to the telematics software. These features allow firms to go beyond location tracking, incorporating vehicle and driver performance as well as maintenance management

What Can Vehicle Tracking Telematics do for your Fleet?

  • Reduced fuel costs: Telematics systems detect harsh acceleration and braking, so you can potentially detect uneconomical driving.
  • More cost-effective maintenance: Telematics warns the user of potential mechanical issues with the vehicle, allowing them to manage maintenance more efficiently.
  • Enhanced safety: Monitor your drivers (and their assets) locations and driving behaviour to ensure safer driving habits are being adhered to.
  • Improved service: For those businesses that provide a time sensitive service, knowing the location of a vehicle enables users to make adjustments to scheduling according to changes in the traffic, vehicle availability or weather conditions.

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