Trying to decide between a four-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive vehicle? Both systems are superb options but do you have all the required information to make an informed decision?

Discover everything there is to know about AWD and 4WD with our helpful guide.

What’s the difference?

While these two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, they are in fact different. A four-wheel drive vehicle, often referred to as a 4×4, sends power to all four wheels equally. Alternatively, all-wheel drive vehicles vary the distribution of power to each wheel.

Four-Wheel Drive Advantages

The equal distribution of power to both the front and back axles helps the vehicle to manoeuvre on rough terrain, making it fantastic for off-roading and driving in treacherous conditions.

With increased traction and torque, a four-wheel drive car will see you through the seasons with ease. Icy conditions should never be a worry for you.

If you want a larger vehicle that is sturdy, or find yourself out in the countryside a lot, this system is the ideal go-to.

Four-Wheel Drive Disadvantages

One of the slight downsides to having a four-wheel drive vehicle is its movement in the city. If you find yourself on a tight street, or parking in a small spot, you may find it quite difficult because the wheels need to turn at different rates when manoeuvring in small spots.

This particular system can also be quite costly, with poorer fuel economy than most. You will generally be paying a lot more for your petrol or diesel than you would in a hatchback or a saloon.

All-Wheel Drive Advantages

All-wheel drive allows for increased comfort and easier driving because it can automatically sense where power is required and distributes it accordingly. The driver does not have to do anything to divert power, you can just sit back and enjoy the drive.

All-wheel drive systems are also readily available in a variety of car shapes, from saloons to SUVs, so you have a range of car makes and models to choose from.

All-Wheel Drive Disadvantages

Like the four-wheel drive system, all-wheel drive vehicles have a reduced fuel economy compared to other petrol/diesel cars. They are also not as effective as 4x4s for strenuous terrains and severe weather conditions.

Which One Is Right for You?

Both of these options are excellent if you want a sturdy vehicle that will see you through the seasons and perform effortlessly on any kind of terrain. Ultimately your choice of system depends on where you live and the purpose of the vehicle.

An all-wheel drive is much more adaptable and you will have a far easier time with everyday driving. However, if you seek a car for off-road and countryside adventures, or are desperate for that extra torque, go for a four-wheel drive system.

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