Coming up to my 7th year anniversary at Just Vehicle Solutions this July, I have helped many business owners with new cars for new team members they are taking on and recruiting.

I have seen our shorter term 6+ month car leases be a great way for them to be able to supply their new starter with a brand new vehicle, giving the new member of staff a great feeling when joining the company and getting a large choice of vehicles, but also serving to minimise the risk for the business in case the position doesn’t work out.

We have all heard a similar story of a managing director driving around in a Ford Mondeo that was the previous sales persons who’s now moved on, or worse still, I was once told at a networking meeting of a company with 4 unused Mini’s now sat unwanted on the owners driveway. With the best will in the world not all positions will work out for a variety of reasons, so contingencies are important to think ahead on.

With that in mind if you know anyone who is currently hiring a new member of the team and is thinking of supplying them a vehicle, send on our number and we’ll be happy to talk them through a range of options in an unpressured consultative manner.

Click here to find out more about how a short term vehicle lease can reduce the risk to your business.

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Jake Matthews

Just Vehicle Solutions