In March 2020, the world experienced something like never before, and nationwide lock down due to Covid -19. However, Paul Hollick, chair of the Association of Fleet Professionals thinks this has demonstrated the benefits of both lease companies and customers being flexible.

“It might sound counterintuitive, but the pandemic has actually served to bring about what you might describe as a new level of freedom to fleet management,” said Paul.

“Fleet managers are being more forward-thinking post-pandemic. Many are planning to speed up their electrification programmes, while others are being highly progressive when it comes to introducing flexible mobility. Relatively radical ideas are much more likely to be embraced.”

Companies with Fleets expect flexibility

The lockdowns have left businesses with lease vehicles that aren’t being used, with employees handing keys back to avoid paying tax on a cars they aren’t driving.

Simon Down, associate director at Deloitte, said that this has given the industry a greater appetite for short-term, flexible solutions and smaller fleets.

“The past two years have seen a significant rise in the number of businesses implementing and operating salary sacrifice for electric vehicles. This can offer a new benefit to employees that enables them to access a BEV at a lower cost than if they were a retail customer,” he said.

“Introducing a new benefit like this can give HR teams the opportunity to deliver a new and engaging benefit offering [with] the bonus of contributing to wider carbon-reduction initiatives and help businesses deliver on their net-zero ambitions.”

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