When returning your vehicle to us, we will inspect the vehicle for damage as per the standards set out in the BVRLS’s fair wear and tear standards.

Should we find damage on the vehicle when you return it to us, you may be liable for additional charges. To avoid these charges, we have put together a 6 point check list so you know what to look out for, and are able to return the vehicle to us in the best possible condition. We’ve also given some examples of what certain types of damage could cost you, to show you how easily costs can be incurred.


When obtaining insurance for your lease vehicle, you should consider windscreen or glass cover, in the event that the windscreen gets damaged during the duration of the contract. This could save you a small fortune as windscreens could cost anywhere between £800 to £2000 to replace on a modern vehicle due to the built in technology (for example, rain sensors, collision warning sensors, heated elements etc), compared to the £100 to £200 a much more basic windscreen could have cost many years ago on older vehicles. Windscreens must be repaired or replaced by you before returning the vehicle to us.


When replacing worn tyres on your lease vehicle, you must use a like-for-like replacement. This means the brand, speed ratings and tread pattern must be the same as the tyres that the vehicle was supplied with, because different tyres could affect the performance of the vehicle. If a vehicle is returned with tyres of a different specification, the manufacturer will request that they are replaced again at a cost to you, even though you have already paid to replace them.


Like windscreens, the cost of alloy wheels has increased substantially over the years, so you should take extra care when parking near kerbs or driving on damaged roads. A single, diamond cut 19” alloy wheel on a modern car could cost around £1000 to replace in full. Any damage to an alloy wheel is charged at the average refurb cost of between £85 to £150 + VAT, depending on the wheel size, colour and design.

Locking wheel nuts

If your vehicle is supplied with a locking wheel nut, it is essential that it is returned with the vehicle at the end of the lease contract.  A locking wheel nut could cost around £40-£80 to replace, due to the fact that the manufacturer has to use a special tool to remove the regular nuts and replace the full set.

Parcel shelf

If for whatever reason you remove the parcel shelf from your lease vehicle, then it must be present and put back in upon returning the vehicle to us at the end of the lease contract. We would also expect the vehicle to be returned with a like for like replacement should it get damaged. A replacement parcel shelf could cost anywhere between £150 to £300 depending on the type and manufacturer.

Spare wheel & puncture repair kit

As stipulated by VOSA laws, all vehicles must be supplied with either a spare wheel or puncture repair kit. If you use the spare wheel or puncture repair kit, they will need replacing, and it can often be cheaper to replace these yourself rather than paying the manufacturers charges. For example, a replacement puncture repair kit from Volkswagen can cost upwards of £150, whereas these can be purchased elsewhere yourself for as little as £50.

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