Very few vehicles manage to gain the title of ‘iconic’. However, one manufacturer over the years has managed to produce multiple vehicles that fit into that category.

Volkswagen have designed and manufactured some of the most memorable vehicles over the years: from the Beetle, to the Golf, and not forgetting their vans.

The Transporter T6.1 has become a staple on UK roads in recent years, but it is the original Volkswagen Campervan, the T1 that people picture in their minds when they think of iconic vans.

The latest line of Transporter vans boasts modern looks and timeless styling that you’d expect from Volkswagen, but would the motoring giant ever produce a modern vehicle that compares more to the original T1?

That’s where the ID Buzz comes in.

The Vehicle

The ID Buzz is a fully electric vehicle, available as a cargo van or an MPV with rear seats. The version we currently have to review and test is the Estate Style Pro, which is a higher spec model, classed as an MPV due to it’s rear seats

The Trim

As well as everything you would get with the entry level Life trim (adaptive cruise control, climate control, heated front seats and a heated steering wheel), the Style Pro features 20” wheels, matrix LED headlights, additional ambient interior lighting and the multi-flex board in the boot.

The Engine

The ID Buzz features the same electric motor found in the other Volkswagen ID models, producing 204 bhp and 310 Nm of torque. Volkswagen quote a range of around 280 miles per full charge, although our real world tests return around 200 miles, which is respectable in the current market. Further more, it achieves 0.60mph in 9.5 seconds, which is more than acceptable for a vehicle of this size.

The Interior

The ID Buzz is nothing short of stunning inside, and the Style Pro version that we have has some lovely touches.

The vehicles will come with colour coded, ‘ID.’ branded seats, and colour coded door panels, dashboard panels and details throughout. It features the familiar VW multifunctional steering wheel and instrument screen seen in other ID models.

The pedals have a quirky touch, with the accelerator pedal marked with a ‘Play’ symbol, and the brake padel featuring a ‘Pause’ symbol. The materials and plastics used in the ID Buzz are of the high quality you’d expect, and even has some nice wood effect on the dashboard.

The design of the front windows gives a unique view when sitting in the front seats, reminding you that you’re not sat in your average everyday vehicle.

Practicality seems to be on the agenda here, with storage space and compartments placed all around the vehicle. The centre compartment between the front seats can be removed, and the boot sections can be adjusted to created unique storage space. There are also some USB charges and device holders in the back, too.

The Exterior

This is arguably the most interesting aspect of the vehicle. The Id Buzz is clearly inspired by the original T1 Campervan.

The sloping lines at the front and the large VW badge are a nod to the original, as well as the 2 colour design found on some models (white on the top half, and colour on the bottom) which helps to maintain the surfer / camper feel of the T1.

As with other vehicles in the electric ID range, the Buzz features a diamond filled front bumper. Choose from either 19” or 20” alloy wheels, depending on if you get the Life or Style trim. The front and rear lights have the same styling as other modern Volkswagen vehicles, which are a nice touch in contrast with the overall retro design. The same can be said for the flush side windows, white badges and emblems on the rear quarters.

The Verdict

As far as electric vehicles go, the ID Buzz is a winner. The vehicle drives more like a car than a van, handles well and is incredibly smooth. The 200 mile real world range is more than liveable in the current climate, and the practicality of the vehicle is better than most we’ve seen for a while. Further more, Volkswagen have done unbelievably well when it comes to modernising a classic, producing a modern contemporary vehicle with enough of a retro feel to give a respectful nod to original campervan.