If you have got your heart set on getting a brand new car, you might want to consider a 6-12 month short term car lease.

A 6-12 month lease can be more cost effective, and convenient than longer 2-4 year contract or buying a vehicle out right.

Below we’ve highlighted 10 reasons you may want to look into a short term lease contract for your next vehicle.

Why lease a car?

Long waiting times for new vehicles

At present, many consumers are finding that there are long waiting times when ordering new vehicles to purchase. Just Vehicle Solutions have a wide range of vehicles in every class, with many in stock and ready to go within 24 hours. We can order vehicles for you too, usually in no longer than 14 days.

Avoid depreciation

The average new car will depreciate in value by up to 15-30% in the first year, and by around 40% in the first 3 years of it’s life. This means when you come to sell the car, you are selling at a much lower price than what you bought at.

Avoid long term commitment

Unlike longer 2-4 year lease contracts, when taking a 6-12 month short term lease, you can either renew your contract to either keep the same car or get another brand new vehicle, or walk away. The commitment is much shorter, and you get  a brand new replacement vehicle sooner should you choose to renew.

Soft Credit check

When applying for a vehicle lease with Just Vehicle Solutions, we conduct a soft credit check. This means although we still check customers for affordability, it won’t affect your credit score should your application not be successful.

Pay Less upfront / fixed monthly payments

When leasing a vehicle, the initial payment can often be less than what you are expected to pay when purchasing a car using finance. Your monthly payments will also be fixed, allowing you to manage your monthly payments effectively.

Road Tax included

We include road tax with all of our vehicles, so when you take a lease contract with Just Vehicle Solutions you can take that payment out of the equation. You just need to add fuel and insurance.

No M.O.T’s

Brand new cars do not require an M.O.T for the first 3 years of their life, and because all of our lease contracts are shorter than 3 years, you’ll never need to take your vehicle for an M.O.T again!

Tax benefits for businesses

For businesses that lease vehicles, 50% of VAT can be claimed back for cars, and 100% of VAT can be claimed back for commercial vehicles.

Manufactures warranty

When you lease a car from Just Vehicle Solutions, you’ll get a brand new vehicle. You won’t have to deal with any unexpected mechanical issues or repairs that you may experience when buying a used vehicle, plus you’ll have the manufacturers warranty which includes roadside assistance should the vehicle develop a fault.

The latest safety features

Brand new vehicles also come with all the latest safety features, such as parking cameras and sensors, lane assist, collision avoidance systems, automatic headlights and more.