Car leasing has become more popular in the UK in recent years, and with good reason. If you are still wondering whether leasing a vehicle is best for you, read our top 10 reasons why you should consider a lease car for your next vehicle.

Get a great price

Vehicle lease companies get the most competitive real time deals from suppliers in the UK, meaning that they can pass these rates onto their customers and offer some of the best market prices available.

Have a better car

When leasing a car, you’ll potentially find yourself driving a better vehicle than if you had chosen to purchase one.  That’s because when you lease a vehicle you only pay the car’s depreciation for the duration of the lease, and not the value of the car.  Because of this, you may find that your monthly payments are cheaper than other forms of finance, so you can choose a better spec or trim level option.


The older the car, the less reliable it will become. However, when you lease a car, you will be driving a brand-new vehicle. If issues do arise, the car will usually be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Enjoy the latest spec and features

Driving a brand-new lease car means you can enjoy the latest in car technology and safety features, including 360 Degree Cameras, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Assist.

Monthly budget control

When leasing a car, your expenses can be easier to manage because your monthly payments also include Road Tax and maintenance – just add fuel and insurance cover. 

Avoid bad investments

When you buy a car, you risk spending large amounts of cash on something that is significantly depreciating in value. As oil tycoon J Paul Getty once said “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” 

Avoid big ticket motoring costs

By driving a brand-new lease vehicle, you reduce the chances of having to replace costly items such as Timing belts, aircon units or even new batteries.

Cut out the hassle of getting an MOT

Cars don’t have to have an annual MOT until they are 3 years old. As your lease contract is likely to be much less than 3 years, the car and MOT will no longer be your responsibility.

Avoid the PCP process

When you lease a brand-new car, you simply give the car back at the end of the contract term, leaving your free to choose another vehicle should you wish.  Unlike PCP, there’s no negotiating over the estimated value versus the final value, don’t have to worry about part exchanging the car, or having to buy the car outright.

No need to use dealerships

When leasing a vehicle, you can rely on the lease company to offer you the most competitive market rates, instead of contacting an endless number of dealerships to find yourself the best price and finance deal.

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