Vehicle leasing has become a popular option in recent years as it gives advantages to motorists that they simply don’t get from buying outright, especially for those who like driving brand new vehicles with all the latest technology and features.

As with most industries, changing times mean changes in customer expectations, especially when factoring in the Covid pandemic.

So what do customers expect from today’s leasing industry?

Changes in consumer habits

In the present day, drivers expect low monthly payments, flexible agreements, and clear pricing so they can budget for their monthly outgoings. Motorists also expect vehicles to be readily available, with a variety of models and vehicle types as leasing appeals to all types of motorist.  Good after sales care is also a big must in today’s industry, with customers benefiting from regular contact throughout the term contract term, allowing customers to flag up any queries or concerns and discuss future lease options, ensuring a smooth transition from one vehicle to the next and a straightforward process to follow at the end of the contract when returning the vehicle.

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What to expect from leasing companies

Due to the Covid pandemic, leasing companies have had to adapt quickly.  Most of the leasing process is completed online as opposed to face to face, from application to choosing the vehicle.  Paperwork is completed and sent electronically, and historic hand shake replaced with e-signature technology.

Just Vehicle Solutions have a wide range of lease vehicles available to view online, with stock updated daily.  Applications can also be completed online in just 2 minutes, and often we can assess your application on the same day.  If you lease a car through Just Vehicle Solutions, our dedicated accounts managers will keep in touch to ensure everything is going smoothly with your vehicle.   At the end of the contract, we’ll make the transition into another vehicle as seamless as possible, with a simple returns process and should you want to end the contract there.

We’re driven by simplicity, flexibility and efficiency.  Get in touch today to discuss your next vehicle lease.

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