How long has it been since you took your driving theory test? Some of you may not have ever even taken one, with the assessment introduced as recently as 1996. Confident you’d still pass if you took one today? Put your money where your mouth is with our mock theory test!

A standard driving theory test for car motorists consists of 50 questions, with the minimum pass mark being 43 (86%). We decided not to bore you with a complete test and have instead handpicked 10 questions for you. Each question is taken from the current theory test list – we haven’t changed a thing! Good luck!

1. You are involved in an accident in which someone suffers a burn. A burn should be cooled for at least…

a) 5 minutes
b) 10 minutes
c) 15 minutes
d) 20 minutes

2. While you are travelling through a tunnel, a small fire starts in your vehicle. You need to…

a) make an emergency stop
b) head in the other direction straight away
c) carry on through the tunnel if possible
d) put your vehicle into reverse

3. A Statutory Off Road Notification, also known as a SORN, is valid…

a) for 10 years
b) until your vehicle is taxed, sold, scrapped or permanently exported
c) until the warranty on the vehicle runs out
d) for as long as the vehicle still works

4. You are planning to tow a trailer. Where can information on the maximum noseweight for the tow ball of the vehicle be found?

a) In the Highway Code
b) On the back of the vehicle
c) In your vehicle’s manual
d) On the DVLA website

5. While travelling down a steep hill, some drivers hold the clutch down or put the gearbox in neutral. If done for prolonged periods of time, this can be dangerous because…

a) It can increase fuel consumption
b) It can increase tyre wear
c) The vehicle can gain speed quickly
d) It can harm your engine and lower its lifespan

6. When driving on a wet surface, how large a time gap should there be between you and the vehicle ahead?

a) Four seconds
b) Eight seconds
c) One second
d) Two seconds

7. While driving through a residential area, you accidentally crash into a garden wall. No one else is around. You must…

a) Ask a passer-by for advice
b) Inform the police within 24 hours
c) Notify the insurance company when you arrive at your destination
d) Inform the homeowner by visiting the person the next day

8. Powered wheelchairs and scooters, designed for use by disabled people, have a maximum speed of…

a) 16 mph
b) 20 mph
c) 12 mph
d) 8 mph

9. A child passenger in your car is under 1.35 metres tall. It is your responsibility to ensure that…

a) The child has a great view outside the window
b) The child is able to fasten his or her seat belt
c) The child is positioned between two adults wearing seat belts.
d) An appropriate child restraint for the child’s height and age is used

10. The anti-lock brakes on your vehicle will be activated when…

a) You apply full pressure to your brake pedal
b) You fail to brake in sufficient time
c) You fail to notice a danger ahead of you
d) You are driving on wet roads.

In line with the official pass mark, the minimum successful score for our test is nine out of ten. Starting to sweat over your results? Unsure on a few of your answers? Not as confident as you were to start with? Check out the answers at the very bottom of this page! No cheating!

What Did You Score on our Mock Driving Theory Test?

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