Fuel consumption is a huge focus in the auto industry for a number of reasons, but mostly because of the negative impact of cars on the environment and the rising cost of petrol and diesel. This has left many to ask: what are the most fuel efficient cars?
Last year, concerns regarding the effect of diesel and petrol on the environment caused London Mayor Sadiq Khan to propose the UK government introduce a ‘diesel scrappage scheme’ in an attempt to encourage drivers to opt for more environmentally-friendly vehicles.
As most of you know, cars have a negative impact on the environment due to the burning of fuel for energy, thus releasing harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, the more fuel efficient your car is, the more environmentally friendly you are. Not to mention the economic benefits of not having to fill up the tank as often.
The questions on everyone’s lips in the car industry at the moment are: is it still worth buying a diesel? Is it better to invest in a petrol vehicle? What are the most fuel efficient, non-electric vehicles? What is the average car mpg? Are electric cars more economical?
From the most economical diesel car to fuel efficient SUVs and hatchbacks, check out our list of the most fuel efficient cars before choosing your next set of wheels.
Most Fuel Efficient SUVs
Larger vehicles, albeit often the least fuel efficient cars, are of course a necessity for certain people. If you require a 4×4 or pickup for work or home life, these are some of the most economical SUVs with the best average mpg to help you protect the planet and your funds.
Nissan Juke 1.5 dCi (Diesel): Fuel Economy: 70.6mpg CO2 Emissions: 104g/km

The Nissan Juke was one of the first small crossovers to be unveiled, and boasts light, easy steering and very low running costs.
Peugeot 3008 SUV 1.6 litre (Diesel): Fuel Economy: 70.6mpg
CO2 Emissions: 104g/km

The chic Peugeot 3008SUV offers everything you could possibly need in a larger vehicle: economical, practical and with a fantastic interior equipped with up-to-date tech.
Renault Kadjar SUV 1.5 litre (Diesel): Fuel Economy: 74.3mpg CO2 Emissions: 99g/km

With an impressive exterior and an abundance of storage space, it comes as no surprise that so many people are opting for the Renault Kadjar.
BMW X1 SUV 2 litre: Fuel Economy: 68.9mpg
CO2 Emissions: 114g/km

Looking for something a bit more ‘premium’ to represent your business? The BMW X1, a completely updated vehicle from its predecessor in the series, looks sharp and feels even sharper when behind the wheel.
Saloon cars, due to their slick, streamline yet practical nature, are a great option for both business people and families. Whether you’re looking for an executive vehicle or one to get your partner and kids from A to B, these are the best mile-munchers on the market.
Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion 1.6 (Diesel):
Fuel Economy: 76.3mpg CO2 Emissions: 95g/km

The Passat combines a classy, luxurious appearance with cutting edge technology, therefore promising an enjoyable driving experience. It is also one of the most energy efficient cars in terms of the saloon market.
BMW 320d ED 2 litre (Diesel):
Fuel Economy: 68.9mpg
CO2 Emissions: 109g/km

Considering that ED stands for ‘Efficient Dynamics’, you expect big things when it comes to the 320d’s fuel economy, and it doesn’t disappoint. Albeit not as impressive as the Passat, this vehicle carries the strong, quality BMW name, which shines through its features.
Jaguar XF 2 litre (Diesel):
Fuel Economy: 70.6pmg CO2 Emissions: 104g/km

The guys at Jaguar are often setting the standard when it comes to luxury vehicles, and the XF is no different. Boasting a spacious interior and dynamic exterior, it’s sure to make an impact when you arrive to work.
Convertibles & Coupes
Sporty, glamorous and extremely vibrant, convertibles are the car for the summer. However, you don’t want to be paying an excessive amount of tax or find yourself filling up every couple of days. So, why not consider these environmentally friendlier options?
BMW 2 Series Convertible 220d 2 litre (Diesel):
Fuel Economy: 61.4mpg
CO2 Emissions: 116g/km

The epitome of the convertible is the BMW 2 Series, with its sleek, sharp design and brilliant performance.
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet E220 CDI 2.1 (Diesel)
Fuel Economy: 58.9mpg CO2 Emissions: 130g/km

The Mercedes E-Class can seat four adults with relative ease, while offering a powerful, efficient engine and a large array of storage.
Audi TT 2.0 TDI Sport Ultra (Diesel) Fuel Economy: 67.3mpg CO2 Emissions: 110g/km

If you’re looking for a coupe, they don’t come much more efficient than the Audi TT. Stylish, driver appeal and low running costs, what more could you want?
Hatchbacks tend to be the most economical cars, with a superior fuel economy and average mpg than the bigger, more powerful vehicles. Great for city driving as well as country roads, an energy efficient hatchback can be a great company car for your business and staff members.
Peugeot 208 1.6 BlueHDI (Diesel)
Fuel Economy: 94.2mpg CO2 Emissions: 79g/km

The Peugeot 208 boasts staggering fuel consumption figures; its average miles per gallon and CO2 emissions actually make it the most economical non-hybrid vehicle in the UK!
Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCi (Diesel)
Fuel Economy: 88.3mpg CO2 Emissions: 94g/km

The Ford Fiesta is not only the best-selling vehicle in the UK; it’s also one of the most fuel efficient cars in the world. This fantastic vehicle promises a fantastic driving experience, as well as great mpg figures and a dynamic aesthetic.
Renault Clio 1.5 dCi (Diesel)
Fuel Economy: 88.3mpg CO2 Emissions: 90g/km

The distinctive and stylish Renault Clio 1.5 ECO pack delivers an impressive 88.3mpg, confirming its status as a cheap-to-run yet fun-to-drive hatchback. A perfect option for company car drivers!
In Conclusion
If average miles per gallon and CO2 figures are high up on your priority list, the above fuel efficient cars could be the solution your business is looking for, particularly if you promote yourselves as a green, environmentally friendly company.
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