Just over 2 years ago, Just Vehicle Solutions signed up to become a member of Ecologi – a platform for climate action.

Ecologi is an environmental organization based in Bristol with over 40,000 members. Users pay a fee to be a member, and those fees are then used to fund climate positive projects all over the world. These project remove more greenhouse gases than you produce, therefore helping you to be more climate positive.

We have been a member since October 2021, and so far our membership fees have funded a total of 33 project around the globe. As we have come to the end of another year, we wanted to update you on what Ecologi have been up to on our behalf.

Since October 2021, Ecologi have planted 1,356 trees on our behalf. Our membership has supported the prevention of 99.11 tCO2e from being emitted through 33 verified carbon avoidance projects.

What does 99.11 of tCO2e mean? Well, it equates to the following:

  • 76 long haul flights (at 8,619.80 km per flight)
  • 297 of sea ice saved metres2
  • 245,892 miles driven in a car

Take a look at the projects we have funded below:

You can become a member and be climate positive

You too can become a member of Ecologi and make your own impact on the planet. Simply head over to their website, or use our referral link and Ecologi will plant an additional 5 trees on our behalf.

We look forward to seeing how Ecologi use our membership to continue their work across the globe throughout 2024 and beyond.