Can you lease a used car? Yes, you can!

Just Vehicle Solutions have a fantastic selection of used cars available for Re-Lease. Vehicles which have been previously leased have been made available to lease again at a reduced rate, giving you more car for your money.

All of our vehicles arrive to us brand new, with manufactures warranty and roadside assistance. Our vehicles are kept to the highest standard, with no expenses spared on maintenance and servicing. So even when you lease a vehicle that has already been used, you can rest assured that it will be in the best possible condition.

As with all of our usual lease deals, you’ll get the opportunity to include servicing packages if you wish.

Just Vehicle Solutions have wide range of vehicles available for lease, from all major brands in all classes. From small compact city cards, medium sized vehicles and SUV’s, as well as vans and commercial vehicles, we’ll have the perfect vehicle for you.

Re-Lease deals are perfect for those who are looking to save money, or perhaps couldn’t afford the vehicle when brand new.

How do I find out about Re-Lease deals from Just Vehicle Solutions?

Unlike our usual 6-12 month short term lease offers, our Re-Lease deals cannot be found on our website.

Instead, subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive Re-Lease deals straight to your inbox. You’ll also receive all the latest offers, news and advice.