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Just Vehicle Solutions have been successfully disposing of their used rental fleet for nearly 8 years, during this period we have sold hundreds (probably soon to approach 1000) vehicles and built a network of excellent trade and retail clients across each manufacture across the UK. In early 2022 due to the used car situation and lack of new vehicles, we were approached by more and more of our clients for help in disposing of their vehicles and getting the most for them. As such we have set-up this arm of the business helping businesses and consumers dispose of their vehicles.

The process is simple, get in touch with the vehicle details and we will get in touch to arrange an inspection and appraisal of the vehicle along with information on what we think your vehicle is worth and what we would be willing to pay.

If you are local to Newark and Nottingham we can discuss visiting you to appraise or alternatively you can book in with us here at Just Vehicle Solutions, NG242EU.

If you are interested in part exchanging the vehicle against the cost of lease vehicle then this is something we can also help with.

Take 2 minutes to complete the form below. Your enquiry is important to us, and we will aim to contact you by either phone or email as soon as possible.

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