Short term leasing is ideal for those who are looking for a solution that falls between daily car rental and longer term leasing, such as 2,3 and 4 year contracts.

Just Vehicle Solutions offer a wide range of vehicles available on 6-12 month short term lease contracts, from small to medium sized cars, SUV’s, 4×4’s and commercial vans and pick-ups.

Why should you consider a short term lease contract?

For start-up companies

For new start-up companies, it can be difficult to be accepted when applying for lease vehicles due to having limited accounts. It can also be hard to understand how much you are able to afford during the early days. With short-term lease contracts, the risks are thought to be much lower than that of a longer term contract, therefore you are for more likely to get accepted for the lease vehicle of your choice.

For companies hiring new staff

If your business is hiring new members of staff, they may require a vehicle to fulfil the requirements of their job role. But what if the position doesn’t work out? Most new employees are put on some sort of probation period, or they may just decide to move on. This may make employers reluctant to take out long term 2,3 or 4 year contracts as they could end up being left with a vehicle that is not be used, but still being paid for. Short term lease contracts reduce the risk in this scenario, giving employers more flexibility.

New technology

With short term lease contracts, you are able to change your vehicle at the end of the contract, and exchange it for another brand new vehicle. This means you’ll always have access to, and benefit from safety and entertainment features and technology.

Long lead times on new car orders

At the present time, there is a shortage of supply in the vehicle industry. This is due to many reasons, but those buying a new car may find extended lead times before the car is ready to be delivered. A short term lease contract could be the perfect stop-gap until your new vehicle is ready.

What are the advantages to short terms leasing?

  • Much cheaper than daily hire
  • Fixed price monthly payments
  • Road Fund Licence (Road Tax) full inclusive
  •  No commitment to continue with the agreement at the end of the term
  • Low maintenance costs – new cars don’t require an MOT within the first 3 years

Just Vehicle Solutions offer 6-12 month short term lease deals on a range of vehicles to suite your needs, and leasing can be arranged in just 5 simple steps. Apply online today.

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