Are you considering providing a company car lease for your staff members? Here’s what you need to consider before taking advantage of one of our business car leasing offers…
Avoid the costs and hassle of public transport

If you’re currently spending a lot of money on public transport for your staff – or have noticed your team investing a lot in their commute – company car leasing is definitely worth looking at.
Rail fares cost commuters up to 14% of their income, which is absolutely staggering. Whether you’re looking to save your business’ funds or show appreciation to your employees by saving their money, we can help find the right leasing deal for your needs.
One in three Northern Rail trains are late while many often bemoan Southern Rail’s reliability. Therefore, as well as the monetary benefits, company car leasing will more than likely enhance productivity and efficiency in your business.
Your employees will no longer need to depend on unreliable train and bus services in order to get to work and can instead arrive relaxed and raring to go.
Motivate current employees while attracting new ones

Business vehicle leasing can be ideal for your employees in terms of logistics, finances and performance.
Providing a company car will motivate your employees and build up loyalty. By rewarding them with a brand-new vehicle, you also increase the chances of them becoming brand advocates. This is especially the case if you decide to decorate your vehicle with your logo and/or contact information, making your drivers walking, talking advertisements for your products or services.
In addition to inspiring your current staff, a company car can attract new talent to your business. By promising to give a potential new employee a company car during their time at your workplace, you gain an instant edge over competitors looking to attract them to their team.
Short-term vehicle leasing

Worried about investing in a multi-year leasing contract in your employee’s name in case they decide to leave? At Just Vehicle Solutions, you can lease any UK make or model for as little as 6 months. Our short-term leasing protects you against one of your employee’s contracts ending sooner than you initially expected.
We are also extremely flexible with our contracts and can tailor our offers to your specific requirements and financial circumstances.
Things to consider before leasing

There are various financial and logistical questions you need to ask yourself before committing to a lease. It’s important to analyse tax aspects such as BIK and Class 1A National Insurance, for example.
Larger vehicles tend to be the most favourable in terms of tax costs. Lucky for you, we have a selection of van and pickup lease deals available immediately! offers a range of useful tools to help you figure out your overall leasing costs. The Company Car Tax Calculator is one we tend to recommend, although we are always happy to go through the costs with you over the phone or at our office.
Reward your employees and save money with a brand-new vehicle lease
Convinced a company car is the right step to move your business to the next level? Explore our current short-term car lease offers today! Alternatively, get in touch if you have a specific UK model in mind, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!