Choosing the right van for your business is crucial, and the current market offers a range of vans at various different sizes. The use and the type of trade is going to determine what kind of van you choose, and as a result you may want to consider a small van. Not only that, you may want to look into leasing a van over buying one from new.

In this blog, we’ll run through the main advantages to leasing a small van in the UK.

Why lease a small van over a large van?

Choosing to lease a small van over a larger van offers various advantages, especially when navigating busy narrow streets in the UK. A smaller van allows you to manoeuvre through busy cities, towns and narrow village routes easier , as well as the ability to park in tighter spaces, allowing you park closer to your job.

Fuel Efficiency
Due to their size, weight and engine type, smaller vans can be incredibly fuel efficient, with models such as the Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner and Toyota Proace achieving 50mpg from their diesel engines, saving you money over time.

Lower costs
Smaller vans will cost you less overall compared to larger vans. Lower initial and monthly payments, fuel costs, insurance premiums and maintenance costs can make a small van much more financially appealing compared to their larger counterparts.

The flexible cargo space found in small vans is perfect for carrying a range of tools and equipment, as well as the multi functional front seats and cockpits which are ideal for carrying passengers and any other kit.

Many small vans, such as the Toyota Proace, have sliding doors on both sides of the vehicle as well as the double doors at the back, giving you the ability quickly and easily access your cargo area.

Personal Use
Many small vans on the market are essentially car derived vans. A car derived van is a van that users the same body as a car. However, many small vans share parts with and therefore drive almost identically to certain cars. For example, the Citroën Berlingo drives just like a Citroen C3, meaning they are great for personal use in comparison to a much larger van.

Lease a small van from Just Vehicle Solutions

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