Nowadays, we use phone apps for everything. When driving, mobile applications are there to entertain us with music, help us stay connected with friends using hands-free, ensure a safe driving experience and navigate us to our desired destination.
With new cars becoming increasingly tech savvy, gone are the days of being reliant on the radio and paper maps. It is now easier than ever to connect our phones and utilise the vast array of driving apps whilst behind the wheel. This makes our journeys much more convenient, informative and entertaining.
Here’s a short list of the best iPhone and Android auto apps to make the most of when driving.
The Best Parking App

Ever driven hours to a new city only to get lost trying to find a parking space? We’ve all been there. That, or we’ve paid extortionate amounts of money for a two-hour stay. Now, with our smartphones and the best parking app in our pockets, that shouldn’t be an issue.
The AppyParking app allows users to ‘park like a local’ in 12 of the UK’s biggest cities. The app is available to download on iOS and Android. It was awarded 5 stars by AutoExpress, making it one of the best parking apps for your phone in 2017.
It is also worth noting that there are many parking apps that can help you pay for your space, without the requirement of cash or change. The RingGo parking app, for example, can be a highly useful app for your car.
The Best GPS App

Bursting full of navigation features, Google Maps is certainly one of the best satnav apps currently out there.
Google Maps can plan routes for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. It even lets you know when the next bus or tube is. There are a plethora of features, as detailed in this Independent article.
Due to the vast reach of Google, this app is great for live traffic updates. Oh, and it’s free to download too.
The Best App for Speed Camera Updates

While not as smooth as the Google Maps app, Waze focuses on community features. This car app keeps its users up to date on accidents, traffic, and speed cameras (including mobile speed cameras). Not bad for a free app.
Waze users share live updates of their road experience to keep you in the know. You can also navigate cheaper fuel prices by comparing petrol stations.
This is one of the best car apps for your mobile device due to its real-time updates. Though you should be careful if you don’t have a generous data usage plan.
The Best In-Car App

Both of these apps allow you to connect your phone with your car’s infotainment system.
CarPlay offers features like navigation, music and hands-free calling. However, these are restricted to Apple apps such as Apple Maps and iTunes. Apple also claims CarPlay is available on over 200 models of car.
Android Auto is similar. The app shares the phone’s functionality with the car, turning the infotainment system into a second screen. It uses bigger buttons for safer touch usage, as well as voice control.
Android Auto users have access to a larger number of apps for their journey. Spotify, Google Maps, Waze are all supported, as well as audiobook apps and messaging systems such as Facebook Messenger and Skype. Android Auto is available on over 400 models of car.
TechRadar have already created a useful review of both apps.
The Best Music App while Driving

Spotify has become a veteran of digital music streaming services. There are two different versions. One is free, giving you access to millions of songs, but on a restricted service which features ads.
The other option is a £9.99 a month membership that allows unlimited access and downloads. With this, Spotify can also suggest music according to what you have listened to. It can also offer playlists according to genre and music eras.
In Summer 2017, Spotify began testing a ‘driving mode’ version of their app. This increases button size and allow voice controls.
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