We all know that tyres are one of the most important features of your car, impacting drivability, safety and fuel efficiency. For this reason, it is essential we keep our them in the best condition.
Follow these top tips to make sure you know how to take care of your tyres!
Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Tyres

How does weight affect my tyres?
The more weight you add to your car, the more pressure you put on your tyres. This results in your tyres wearing down at a greater rate for as long as you have the extra weight.
To maintain your tyres, try to empty your car of unnecessary items and avoid carrying too much in it for long periods of time. Remember, if you’re carrying a large amount of weight in your car, you should extend your braking distance and time.
Tyre Pressure
Tyre pressure affects many factors of your driving experience. From fuel economy to handling and braking, always make sure your tyres are set to the right pressure.
All cars will have a guide to the right tyre pressure in the owner’s manual, and some have the numbers on the inside of the driver’s door or inside the fuel cap cover.
Always check the pressure if you are carrying excessive weight or if you are going on a long journey, and don’t forget to check the pressure of your spare wheel.
Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Tyres

Importance of tyre tread
Your tyre tread has a huge impact on the safety and handling of your car. Tread is what gives your tyre grip on the road. Whether you have good or bad driving conditions, your car’s grip is essential for your journey.
The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm which means it is vital you keep checking this. Tread is affected by the wearing down of your tyres, so make sure you’re maintaining your wheels well.
Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your wheels. Poorly aligned tyres can result in your car pulling to one direction, which is of course potentially very dangerous and inconvenient.
On top of this, bad alignment can also cause excessive wear. If your wheels are at an angle, weight is not evenly distributed, causing one side of your tyre to wear down much quicker than the other side – and much quicker altogether.
Kerb Mounting damages tyres

Kerb Mounting damages tyres
While we all try to be mindful of our wheels when parking, it is important to watch out for mounting the kerb.
Doing this will trap your tyre sidewall between your wheel and the kerb, causing it to weaken. In the worst-case scenario, this could lead to a blow-out and break down. Consistent kerb mounting can throw your wheels out of alignment and sharp edges can also damage your tyres.
Effect of pot holes on tyres
While mounting the kerb is a choice, road conditions can also have a detrimental effect on your wheels. Make sure you look out for pot holes and glass on the road at all times.
Hitting holes in the road at high speed (like on the motorway) can throw out your wheel alignment. Similarly, glass can pierce and cut into your tyres which will affect their pressure and ability to hold air.
Tyre wear and tear

Tyre wear and tear
Make sure you try and keep an eye out for general wear and tear of your tyres. Generally, you should be looking out for bulges, cuts and punctures.
It is better to catch any potential issues early because the chances of it getting fixed are much higher. The longer you leave it, the worse it could get. One small piece of glass could go from piercing the tyre to creating a deep cut.
Spare tyre
Of course, it’s not just the wheels on your car that you should worry about. Make sure you have a spare tyre stored in your car and that it is well maintained.
Don’t forget to make sure it has the right tyre pressure as you never know when you might need it.
Problem with your tyres?
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