Finding the perfect van for work or personal reasons can be difficult, especially with so many excellent options on the market. One of these options is the fantastic Volkswagen Crafter, which possesses everything you need in a van and more.
With such a rich history, Volkswagen has produced many iconic vehicles, and it should come as no surprise that the Crafter van is up there with the best.
History of the Volkswagen Crafter

The VW Crafter emerged in 2006 when it replaced the old Volkswagen LT van. This older model was developed by both Volkswagen and DaimlerChrysler and, as it was, it shared a lot of features with the 2006 Mercedes Sprinter.
The Crafter van was made available with options of three wheelbases, four body lengths and three roof heights. By having so many choices available, drivers were provided with a wide range of load volumes and payloads.
However, the new model could help with your search for the perfect van!
New VW Crafter

A new version of the Volkswagen Crafter arrived in 2017, updating much of the older model to fit with VW’s modern style. The new Crafter van includes all of the manufacturer’s latest technology, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a new van for their business or fleet.
The Crafter is advertised as being perfect for city driving, with numerous technological features including Park Assist, Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, Automatic Post-Collision Braking System; all of which come as standard.
VW Crafter Specs
There are a variety of body styles, lengths and weights to choose from – the VW Crafter’s weight is reflected in the model name. For example, the VW Crafter CR35 represents the van’s 3.5 tonne gross vehicle weight. The CR30 and CR50 reflect the 3 tonne and 5 tonne weights respectively.
Most of the new range are front-wheel drive, however, 4motion four-wheel drive is also available as an option. Standard front-wheel drive vans generally have 138bhp and reach 38mpg. If you upgrade to the 174bhp twin-turbo diesel model, you wouldn’t be sacrificing much fuel economy. The VW Crafter’s mpg drops only to 37mpg.

So, what about the dimensions? The shorter wheelbase (SWB) is 3,640mm with only the shortest body length available. This means drivers will have a loading length of 3,450mm.
However, the VW Crafter’s LWB dimensions allow for greater space. With a long wheelbase size of 4,490mm, you are afforded the options of medium or long body lengths to increase the maximum loading length to 4,300mm and 4,855mm respectively.
VW Crafter Reviews

The new 2017 model of the Volkswagen Crafter has received many high reviews. Automotive teams including Auto Express, Parkers and Auto Trader have awarded the Crafter 4+ stars. The vehicle was praised for features such as its high-quality interior, ride comfort and safety technology.
On top of this, the new Crafter has won multiple accolades from various places. The van won the Best Large Van and Best Light Commercial Vehicle of the Year categories at the What Van? Awards 2018. The new model was also bestowed with Auto Express’s Van of the Year 2017 award.
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