Summer 2019 just got a whole lot more interesting… We are now offering converted Volkswagen Transporter Camper Vans on rentals as short as one week!

Available for one-week rentals right through to 6 and 12-month contracts, with the option to buy outright at the end, these extraordinarily capable, luxurious and practical VW Transporters are the perfect travel companion to take your holidays to the next level.

VW Transporter


Fitted with custom leather seats and a night heater underneath the driver’s seat, as well as a fridge and gas cooker, these vehicles really do have everything you could possibly need… and more.

Volkswagen Transporter Camper

As well as these amazingly convenient appliances and home comforts, drivers of our converted VW Transporter Highline will also benefit from privacy features such as curtains and tinted black windows.

But what about sleeping arrangements, you say? The custom seats in the back actually fold down to make a very comfortable and spacious double bed!

The process of turning your sporty Transporter into a luxurious camper van when it comes to settling down into the evening could not be easier. Simply fold down your seats and raise the roof for additional headspace for walking around.

Volkswagen Transporter Camper

When you’re out on the roads, wherever your summer adventure takes you, you can rest assured that you’ll remain comfortable and taken care of.

Practicality & Storage

The Volkswagen Transporter Camper Van boasts an array of storage options, including ample cabinets and drawers, as well as additional space at the back of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Transporter

This particular VW Camper Vehicle shown in our video is an Automatic Volkswagen Transporter Highline, a model that demonstrates Volkswagen’s 65 years of capturing the adventurous imagination and professional needs of van drivers.

VW Camper Rental

When can I get behind the wheel?

Looking to maximise your next summer break? Call us today on 01636 858458 or email for more information!

You can also watch our video tour of the pictured VW Transporter here.