What you drive is an extension of your personality and is a reflection of your tastes and lifestyle. Everything from its body style to its fuel efficiency and colour represents you or your business when on the roads. Wondering your car colour says about you?
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The meaning behind colour
There has been a lot of research in terms of the meaning behind specific colours, both psychologically and symbolically. It may be worth bearing this in mind when choosing your next company car.
Branding will also have a role to play when it comes to selecting a colour – if your business’s logo and marketing relies on a specific colour, it makes sense to reflect this shade with your vehicle. This will also complement any vehicle livery you opt for.

According to a recent study, black was the most popular car colour for new vehicle buyers in 2017. Over 500,000 black cars (20.3% of new sales) were sold last year.
Colour psychologist Angela Wright believes black represents being safe and secure, while it is also often associated with sophistication and elegance.
If you’re looking for a neutral choice, with high resale value, black is a sensible choice for your vehicle, although it’s worth noting that black can prove more difficult to keep clean.

Grey was the second-most popular colour choice for new vehicles in 2017. This colour is up there with the neutrality of black and white, and often reflects a practical, pragmatic individual or organisation.
If you seek the practicality of grey but require something a bit flashier, silver is a great option.

Before black took its title last year, white was the most popular choice for new car drivers. 19% of new vehicles bought in 2017 were white, and this colour represents purity and clearness. White is also statistically the safest car colour as it is the most visible on the roads.
If your business prides itself on its cleanliness and pristine approach, a white car is the way to go! White is also one of the easiest car colours to maintain, so it’s a win/win!

Angela Wright, colour psychologist, states that blue is “calming, provides logic, clarity and soothes the mind”. This makes it a perfect option for businesses that provide advice or guidance within their industry.
Cool and elegant, it’s no wonder you often see blue cars on the road.

Silver is a colour often associated with technology: it has connotations of being modern and sleek. Silver cars often look prestigious and sophisticated, without appearing too glamorous.
Due to its metallic appearance, silver can also appear industrious yet elegant. Silver often looks great on executive saloons. Roughly 10% of new cars now come in silver.

Red cars may not be as popular as they were a few years ago, but they still remain a go-to option for many drivers.
As a dynamic and vibrant colour, red is a great choice if you’re looking to stand out on the roads. If your business or personality is one of high energy and enthusiasm, reflect that by opting for a red company car.

Interestingly, gold was the fastest-growing colour of 2017 when it came to vehicles, rising 19.1% in the market. However, it’s worth noting that it still remains a very niche option, making up just 0.2% of the market.
Given that gold is considered something of extremely high value, some would say it is an opulent and lavish choice for a company car. However, if you’re looking to garner attention for being successful, glamorous and up-to-date with growing trends, a gold vehicle could be a great way of getting noticed.
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