Do you want the benefits of driving a brand new vehicle, without having to buy outright and having the hassle of dealing with the depreciation cost when it comes to selling the vehicle? Then vehicle leasing might be the option for you.

Car leasing is the process of renting a brand new vehicle for a fixed period of time. At the end of the fixed term contract, you will return the vehicle back the supplier and either choose another brand new vehicle to lease again, or walk away.

At Just Vehicle Solutions, we typically supply vehicles on a 6-12 month short term contract, with an initial deposit to reduce your monthly payments. This means you have the flexibility to choose another brand new vehicle at the end of the term, while not being tied down to lengthy 2-4 year contracts, which is ideal should your situation change.

Our vehicle lease contracts include vehicle maintenance and road tax and road fund licence, and 24 hour roadside assistance. You just need to add fuel and insure, and you’re away.

Leasing a vehicle from Just Vehicle Solutions couldn’t be easier. You can arrange your new vehicle in 6 easy steps:

  • Apply using our online application form
  • E-sign the order form confirming the vehicle details
  • Set up your direct debit
  • Provide us with your documents (proof of insurance / licence)
  • Sign the lease agreement
  • Drive away in your vehicle, and enjoy

View our full range of lease cars here

We have a wide range of lease cars and vehicles available, from small to medium sized cars, to SUV’s and commercial vehicles. Get in touch or book a call with one of our lease experts today to see how we can help you with your next lease car.

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