Interested in the possibility of leasing a car but hesitant in regards to whether your credit rating will enable you to do so?

You’re not alone. We get asked this question a lot, partly due to the rigorous and often strict credit checks from manufacturers in the auto industry.

Well, the good news is that you can still be eligible for our short-term leasing and commercial vehicle lease deals if your credit rating is low.

Discover the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems in our leasing credit score guide…

Can you lease a car with a red credit rating?

Yes! Thanks to the flexibility of our lease contracts, we are able to offer vehicles to those of you with the dreaded red credit score.

This is in stark contrast to the big-name automakers, who will refuse anyone with a low score. Our checks are much more personable so if you do have a poor credit rating with Experian or Clearscore, don’t let that stop you from calling our team!

Will my credit score affect what car I can get on a lease?

We have a wide range of vehicles available on long and short-term lease deals. While our checks are much broader than simply relying on your credit rating, it is definitely worth requesting a call with our team to discuss your vehicular options.

I own a start-up with little/no credit history. Can I still lease a car?

Absolutely. We enjoy nothing more than working with start-ups and would love to help you drive your new business forward.

We do understand why people ask this question. Manufacturers usually require proof of at least two years of trading before supplying lease vehicles.

We, however, aim to support small businesses on the roads, and therefore work extremely hard to help start-ups find the vehicle(s) they need, whether that’s a saloon, hatchback, van or pick-up!

Again, your best port of call is to visit our office or give us a call on 01636 858458.

What else do you check when providing lease vehicles?

Our checks are much more varied, taking into account:

  • Previous bank statements
  • Disposable income
  • Credit score

These checks mean that a bad credit rating will not end up being the be-all and end-all of your leasing possibilities.

What do I do now?

Ready to get behind the wheel? Explore our current deals below before calling 01636 858458!