Buying and maintaining a car is an expensive feat. There are so many questions to answer before you can even begin to narrow your option: speed… appearance… fuel efficiency… Yet one factor that is often overlooked is car depreciation.
Luckily, when you lease a vehicle from us, you needn’t worry about depreciation and resale value. Short-term leasing allows you to drive a brand new car for 6-12 months and then simply swap it for another fresh and exciting model.
Nevertheless, we have provided this list of the cars and vans which depreciate the most.
Peugeot 308
The Peugeot 308 faced tough competition during the time of its release. The VW Golf proved to be a better and more popular car. Without having much legroom or an easy-to-use infotainment system, we may see why it struggled.
The 308’s cash loss after three years was around £14,525 which is a drop of around 73.9%! This is why drivers should always be wary of resale value when choosing their new vehicle. Without leasing, some cars could end up burning a huge hole in your pocket.
Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Although marketed as a high end hatchback, the Giulietta struggled to keep up with the likes of the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.
As a result, the car’s depreciation meant that, after 3 years, its owners would have lost over £14,000. That’s a depreciation rate of 74.1%!
Unfortunately, the high running costs and low-quality interior of the first MG under different ownership resulted in a loss.
The lack of desirable qualities meant that the value of the MG6 dropped by £13,885. That means it only retained 25.4% (or lost 74.6%) of its original value.
Fiat Scudo
Many people have questioned the reliability of the Fiat Scudo, which could be the reason why it reached this list. With tough competition and a small cabin for the drivers, the Scudo struggled to maintain its original value.
Its original average price of £18,940 dropped after three years to £4,800. This means the depreciation of the Scudo resulted in a loss of £14,140. That’s a 75% value reduction.
Citroen Relay
Unfortunately, large vans lose more value than medium vans (like the Fiat Scudo). They are more difficult to navigate and bulkier to handle. Despite being a decent option for a large van, the Citreon Relay has still struggled with its resale value.
After three years, the Relay dropped to £5,250. That is £18,996 from its original average price of £24,521 with a value retention of only 22.5% – or a 77.5% value decrease!
Avoid Depreciation Costs, Maintenance and Road Tax
With our short term leases and commercial leases, you will never have to worry about vehicle depreciation or resale value. Whether you’re choosing the latest model of car or van, the only things you have to worry about with us are petrol and insurance!
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